Hurricane Henri puts 42 million on alert as it makes its way to the Northeast coast 

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Hurricane Henri marches along the northeast coast ahead of Sunday’s expected collapse, threatening to bring destructive winds, violent hurricanes and floods to an already overcrowded area. Henri, who was sustained by a tropical storm late Saturday morning across the Atlantic, could fall to or near the storm on Long Island or south of New England on Sunday, the National Hurricane Center said. Strong winds and rain are likely to hit the vast expanse from New York City to New England – and as the area is flooded with recent rains, Henri could easily cut down trees and set up power outages.  

New York government Andrew Cuomo has warned people in flood-prone areas: Go safe now. 

“If you know you’re in a flooded area, please get out of that area now,” Cuomo told a television news conference on Saturday. “If you have to get to a high place it has to be today.” 

The worst damage could be done to the already wet region even if Henri was not a hurricane at the crossroads, said Federal Emergency Management Agency chief executive Deanne Criswell. 

“We will see power outages, we will see trees cut down, and even if the storm is over, the threat of tree collapses is still there,” Criswell told CNN on Saturday morning. 

Henri’s centre had a strong wind speed of 75 mph on Saturday afternoon. Storms and heavy rainfall can begin in some of these areas by the end of Saturday. Storm warnings have been issued to nearly six million people in areas including parts of Long Island, and in New Haven, Connecticut, west of Westport, Massachusetts. More than 36 million people are subject to severe storm warnings, including parts of New Jersey and New York – including New York City – and large parts of southern New England.  A hurricane in this region would be somewhat rare. Long Island has not had a direct hurricane since Gloria in 1985; New England last witnessed the fall of Hurricane Bob in 1991. 

Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey in 2012 with strong hurricanes and floods that devastated Northeast, although it was actually a tropical storm when we reached the shore. Henri’s air force in the fall is expected to be a quarter of the size, CNN weather forecasters said. 

Hurricane Henri Tracking

Hurricane Henri

Long Island Chef: ‘We have a lot of problems’ 

For Henri, a hurricane is also a major concern: Climbing between 10 and 15 meters is possible on Sunday in areas that include parts of Long Island to Chatham, Massachusetts, the hurricane centre said. People living in the hurricane warning area “should take all necessary measures to protect life and property in the event of rising water and other hazardous conditions,” he said. ” the hurricane centre said on Saturday morning. At the Long End in the East End, Christine Oakland-Hill said road flooding was one of her main concerns with her coastal business, Oakland’s Restaurant and Marina, who had been there for 30 years. 

“God does not respond to this,” Oakland-Hill told CNN’s WCBS affiliates on Friday. “We have serious problems. This (business) is our heritage.” 

Doreen Puco was working in Oyster Bay on Long Island to prepare for the storm. 

“I’m afraid of losing my strength,” Puco told WCBS on Friday. “I just hope they are better prepared than they used to be.” 

James Masog, in the middle of Gary Tavares delivered particle particles to the sliding glass doors of a customer house in Charlestown, Rhode Island, on Saturday. Parts of New England and south-eastern New York can see 3-6 inches of rainfall by Monday, with total values close to 10 inches – and can lead to flooding, cities and rivers. As Henri travels along the East Coast on Saturday, turbulent currents will also cause tensions from North Carolina to Massachusetts. More than 50 people were rescued from broken radio stations in the North Carolina area of Wilmington alone on Friday, the city’s National Weather Service said. 

Hurricane Henri


The Governor warns of travel plans 

Officials in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island say members of the National Guard have been working or prepared for the storm to assist with any rescue, clean-up, and other support. Massachusetts government Charlie Baker has urged people to avoid unnecessary travel and to delay the capture of Cape Cod over the weekend. 

 ” Those who have already left for Cape Town or the islands for the weekend are advised to travel on Saturdays or advance their travel plans in advance. ” the governor’s office said. Gov Cuomo said on Saturday he would announce an emergency in Long Island, New York City, Westchester and Hudson Valley. 

New York has heavy equipment sent to Long Island and water aid teams ready to go, Cuomo said. 

Hurricane Henri 1

New York City Emergency Management has issued a tour guide for the city until further notice. According to city officials, all beaches in the city will remain closed on Sunday and Monday. 

Rhode Island government Dan McKee has urged residents to prepare for the storm and announced it has signed an urgent declaration to open state resources to support the storm response. A city worker in Bourne, Massachusetts, plugs in a generator and a sewage pump in the event of a power outage as Henri approaches Friday. The governor urged residents to be on the lookout for coastal areas due to the expected burst currents and high surfaces. 

” Rhode Island often experiences unnecessary devastation during storms when coastal summit climbers and fishermen collide with the waves and quickly drown and submerge in deeper waters.” he said.  

State beaches and parks will open on Saturday, according to the governor, but close on Sunday and possibly Monday, depending on the damage to the storm and need to be cleaned up. 

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