Transport & Mass Transit Department KPK

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Transport & Mass Transit Department KPK

Transport & Mass Transit Department KPK was established in the year 2002, as an annex division of the Environment Department with the mandate of regulating and ensuring the provision of better public transportation and facilitating the travel of the general public. It is also mandatory to ensure safety facilities, the availability of special facilities for the disabled on public transport and facilities at bus stops for the general public.

After its establishment in 2008, the Transport Directorate was declared an affiliated department of the Transport & Mass Transit department by amending the Rules of Business. The Directorate is also responsible for ensuring the suitability of the public vehicle and controlling vehicle emissions for a clean and green environment. We also provide driving skills to the public at the newest government driving school.

The transport sector deserves a well-defined integrated approach to policy formulation, planning and implementation. Although transportation as a sector includes airways, oceans and railways, but from the point of view of the provincial transportation department, after the transfer of power under the 18th Constitutional Amendment, the road and waterways are of particular importance and attention. The prevailing transport system in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa needs to be thoroughly examined and revised; given the challenges and opportunities presented by our geopolitical/strategic and geo-economic conditions guaranteed by globalization and international interdependence. Given the importance of the sector, the current government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa made a strategic decision in September 2008 to establish an independent transportation department.

At the time of independence, railways were the country’s most viable capital and the only form of intercity public transport inherited from British India. In the first five-year plan (1955-60), the Road Transport Council was established to coordinate the rail and road networks with an intercity passenger ratio of 75:25 respectively. This plan did not propose an expansion of the rail network, but it was planned to build 1800 miles of new roads and improve 2000 miles of existing roads.

In urban areas, motorized traffic was very limited until 1947 and walking was the main mode of transport, followed by the Tanga (horse-drawn carriage). Omni bus was used in the cities of Lahore and Karachi while the tram ran only in Karachi.

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