Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC)

  • Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, 75520
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  • Founded Date January 1, 1900
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Company Description

Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) is a name synonymous with the industrialization of Pakistan
It is an unnamed name that no discussion, review or analysis of industrial matrix can find any credibility with. Indeed, the entire spectrum of trade and industry is deeply rooted in PIDC.

Creation of Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC);

PIDC was established in 1952 under a federal law act. The raison d’être for its establishment was Pakistan’s critical condition at the time of independence. There was no industry at all and the agricultural base was also lenient, unable to meet the financing needs of the nation on its own. Thus, the story of PIDC is the story of the government of a newly established country, which successfully takes on the daunting task of building the country’s industrial base virtually from scratch.

The broad mandate entrusted to PIDC was to plan, promote, organize and implement programs for:

  • Establishment of industries
  • Mine Exploration and Development
  • Exploration, exploitation and development of material that the government can specify

The company’s primary mission was to set up industries in areas where the private sector was shy and required large amounts of long-wear capital. Secondly, the aim was to set up industries in such backward areas with a view to creating employment and eliminating regional disparities.

Reinforced activities Establish, develop and expand industrial base

True to the government’s trust and promise, PIDC embarked on the mammoth task of nurturing the industrial base from its infancy, yes, earlier conception, to the beautiful building as it exists today. Undoubtedly, everything we find on the industrial horizon today is the result of joint efforts by PIDC. It may not seem like an exaggeration to say that the private sector that controls the market today has been at the forefront of the path taken by PIDC. Undoubtedly, PIDC pioneered the development of fertilizer, shipbuilding, heavy industry, jute, textile, cement, chemicals, sugar industries.

Activities truncated

PIDC established a total of 94 industrial units in the period 1952 – 1988, list attached (Annex A). A remarkable achievement indeed. However, PIDC’s saga is laced with frenetic, ever-expanding activities and phases of low-profile, diluted attitudes.

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