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The National Accountability Bureau NAB is Pakistan’s anti-corruption organization. It is charged with the responsibility of eradicating corruption through a holistic approach to awareness, prevention and enforcement. It operates under the National Accountability Ordinance 1999. Headquartered in Islamabad, it has seven regional offices in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Multan and Sukkur. It takes cognizance of all offenses that fall under the National Ordinance on Accountability (NAO).

For the first three years, the focus of its functions was solely on the detection, investigation and prosecution of white-collar crime. Among the persecuted are politicians, officials and other citizens who have either committed gross abuses of power, or have robbed millions through corruption from the national treasury or resorted to other corrupt practices. In February 2002, NAB launched the National Anticorruption Strategy (NACS) project.

The NACS team conducted broad surveys, studied external models of international anti-corruption agencies and involved local stakeholders. All pillars of the National Integrity System have been studied in detail. After identifying the root causes of corruption in each pillar, a comprehensive strategy and detailed action plan was recommended. Breaking through traditional enforcement-based routines NACS has recommended a comprehensive process. Relevant changes have been made to the NAO and the NAB is now authorized to take on prevention and awareness in addition to its enforcement functions.


The National Accountability Office must be a credible, effective, efficient and dynamic anti-corruption organization that creates a stimulating environment for a corrupt free society.


The National Accountability Office will commit itself to eradicating corruption by means of an integrated approach to prevention, awareness, monitoring and combating.


The National Accountability Office takes its objectives from its approved project document entitled ‘National Anti Corruption Strategy’ or NACS and defines them as follows:

Short term Initiate systemic improvements that will strengthen the national integrity system and people against corruption.

Long term The elimination of corruption by involving all stakeholders in the fight against corruption, through a program that is holistic, comprehensive and progressive.


Establishment of a National Accountability Office to eradicate corruption and corrupt practices and to hold accountable all persons accused of such practices and matters.

Take effective measures to detect, investigate and prosecute cases of corruption, corrupt practices, abuse/misuse of powers, misappropriation of property, kickbacks and commissions and ensure prompt removal.

Recovery of the outstanding amount from those persons who have intentionally defaulted on repayments to banks, development finance institutions (DFIs), government and other agencies.

Implement policies and procedures for raising awareness, prevention, monitoring and combating corruption in society.

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