Home & Tribal Affairs Department KPK

  • Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, 25000
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  • Founded Date January 1, 1900
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  • Founded Since 1947

Company Description

Home & Tribal Affairs Department KPK

The Home & Tribal Affairs Department KPK occupies a central position with regard to public order issues of the province. It is the highest policy-making body for peacebuilding and the rule of law. It is the parent body for police, prisons, prosecution, probation and mining, and civil administration at the divisional and district levels. Historically, the Home and Tribal Affairs Department has played a strategically important role in maintaining law and order and providing policy guidance to the executive branches.

In the changed security paradigm, the Ministry of the Interior has responded with unwavering commitment and adopted a strategic approach. To meet these challenges, the police has been transformed into a modern armed force with its own specialized combat, intelligence and investigative units in the form of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), Elite Force and Rapid Response Force. Likewise, a new Prison Security Force has been introduced to cope with the increased scale of threats.

The Public Prosecution Service is also being rebuilt and strengthened to effectively face the challenges of the day. The Ministry of Interior maintains close contacts with the armed forces and other paramilitary forces to combat the threat of terrorism, kidnappings for ransom, extortion and suicide bombings. The coordination between the institutions of the police, the public prosecutor’s office, the judiciary and correctional services has been functionalised.

Vision of Home & Tribal Affairs Department

“Create peace and tranquility so that related departments and agencies can efficiently and effectively achieve predefined goals and evolve towards a civilized and prosperous society in which citizens enjoy their fundamental rights”


  • Transform the KP Police into an effective and efficient force by equipping it with state-of-the-art weapons and technology.
  • Set up model police units (MPUs) with advanced investigations, forensic and community police functions.
  • Strengthen and improve the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Prosecution Service (KPPS) and bring it into line with international standards.
  • Promote more contacts and trust between police and citizens and promote the concept of community policing through
  • Citizen Police Liaison Committees (CPLCs) in all major cities of the province.
  • Introduce new prison management and correctional services.
  • Introduction of an efficient complaint management information regime.
  • Improving gender sensitivity by making police processes more women-friendly and understanding women’s needs.
  • Strengthen and integrate the Public Security and Police Complaints Committees at provincial, regional and district levels.
  • Provide functional specialization in the police force.

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